Whippet Rascals


Subordinate Female
Date of Birth
May 12, 1995
Bella, River Song and YRM007
Sabota andEdward
YRP027, YRP028, YRP029 and Sombra Rascals, YQP006, YRP007 and Golden Quapaw
Known For
Quapaw founder
Role Played By

Whippet is role played by SnapeFan1.


Whippet(YRF006) was born on May 12, 1995 in the Rascals Pack. Her mother was the alpha female Roo and her father was the alpha male Rampage. She was born with her three litter-mates YRM007, Bella(YRF008) and River Song(YRF009). They were the first litter ever born in the Rascals. The two subordinate females also gave birth to litters. All the pups survived to adulthood. Whippet started helping out within the pack by hunting and caring for the new pups. Soon Whippet's aunts Rugrat and Puppy left the group making Whippet and her two sisters the oldest subordinate females still in the group. After Roo died of disease Rampage left the group. Whippet had a chance at being the alpha female but it was her sister Bella who took the role of alpha female. Whippte gave birth to YRP027, YRP028, YRP029, and Sombra on June 1997. Her sister River Song started to challange Bella for the alpha female position. River Song was evicted from the pack and then Bella turned her aggression on her other sister Whippet. In August, two hunters appeared and Prowler killed one. Whippet ran off with River Song and Violet along a tag-o-long pup Sombra.


The females teamed up with three Hell Hound males and formed the Quapaw Pack. River Song took the alpha female positon. Whippet mated with Edward, one of the Hell Hound males. She gave birth to VQP006, VQP007 and Golden on September 25, 1997. Whippet is still in the Quapaw today as a subordinate female.


Mother: Roo

Father: Rampage

Brother: YRM007

Sister: Bella and River Song

First litter born on June 1997

YRP027, Still Alive, iving in the Rascals.

YRP028, Still Alive, living in the Rascals

YRP029, Still Alive, living in the Rascals

Sombra (YRF030) Still Alive, living in the Quapaw

Second litter born on September 25, 1997 fathered by Edward



Golden (VQF008)


Rascals Pack

Quapaw Pack