Violet is role played by Patty123.

Violet Rascals


Subordinate Adult in the Quapaw
Date of Birth
May 22, 1995
YRM013, YRF014 and YRM015
Kazmo, Jezabell, YQM003, Whitefang and Roise
Known For
Wolf who loves voilets
Role Played By


Violet(YRF012) was born in the Rascals pack on May 22, 1995. Her mother was Puppy a subordinate female in the group and her father was Prowler the subordinate male. She was born with two brothers YRM013 and YRM015 and one sister YRF014. Sadly her sister YRF014 was killed by the Bad Dogs Pack within the following month. Violet and her two brothers however survived to a year of age. Violet started hunting and caring for the pups of the group. On May 1996 her mother Puppy gave birth to YRM020, Dusty, YRF022 and YRF023. Her mother soon left the group along with Violet's aunt Rugrat making Voilet one of the oldest females still in the group. Not long after that, the alpha female Roo died leaving the alpha female position open. Violet however didn't become the new alpha female and Roo's daughter Bella did. Not long after Violet mated with a Druid male named Marico. In August 1997, River Song was evicted by Bella again and this time Violet went with her surpisenly. Whippet was soon evicted by Bella and Sombra tagged along. They ran into three Hell Hound males.


The males and females stayed together and formed the Quapaw Pack. Finally River Song established herself as the alpha female along with one of the males named Anubis. In August 1997, Violet gave birth to Kazmo, Jazebell, YQM003, Whitefang and Roise. They were the first pups born in the Quapaw Pack ever. Whitefang was adopted into the Druids some time later. Violet never saw her pups reach adulthood. She was Last Seen in December 1997.

How Violet got her NameEdit


Violet playing in the Violet patch in Yellowstone Delta.

Violet got her name because of her love for violets. She was going to have a different name but as soon as everyone saw her in the violet patch they named her, of course, Violet. It was a sunny day in Yellowstone Delta when the Rascals saw something purple in the distance. Being a curious newborn, the unnamed pup ran up to the patch in the dirt. They were violets, both big and small. Immediately, the pup started roling happily in the patch. Her name would be Violet.


Mother: Puppy

Father: Prowler

Sister: YRF014

Brothers: Vervain and Vincent

Mate: Marico

Children: Kamzo, Jezabell, YQM003, Whitefang and Roise


Rascals Pack

Quapaw Pack