Vervain is role played by Aniju Aura.
Vervain Rascals



Vervain(YRM013) was born on May 22, 1995 in the Rascals Pack. His mother was Puppy and his father was Prowler. He was born with four litter-mates one brother Vincent(YRM015) and two sisters Violet(YRF012) and YRF014. Sadly within the following month YRF014 was killed during an encounter with the Bad Dogs Pack. However Vervain, his brother and sister survived to aduthood. Vervain's mother was not the alpha female nor was his father. His aunt Roo and uncle Rampage were the alpha coulpe of the Rascals. Puppy gave birth to YRM020, YRM021, YRF022 and YRF023 in May 1996. Vervain was now an older brother. He helped his mother care for the new pups by babysitting and hunting for food. Soon his mother and aunt left the group and Roo died. His older cousin Bella became the new alpah female while Rampage left the group. After following his brother into the bushes, Vervain saved a coyote pup. He soon went roving at the Bad Dogs where he mated with a female named Leena. When he was returning from roving with his brother Vincent, Vervain was shot at by the rangers but the bullet grazed his skin on his hind leg. Vervain managed to get away. Vervain is still in the Rascals today.


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