Here are the role play wikias I have made and work at some of the users here my enjoy as well.

First up is Meerkat Role Play Wiki.

Role playing for meerkats based off of the popular TV show Meerkat Manor. Meerkats live is family groups called mobs led by a dominant female and male. They live in the Kalahari Desert and hold up to three miles of land as their territory.

A bit of a long name African Wild Dog Role Play Wiki.

Wild Dogs also live in groups and are also called Painted Dogs. The dominant female will nurse all the pups of the pack even if they don’t belong to her, however only the dominant pair may breed. African Wild Dogs are some of the most endangered species of canine in the world but they are making a comeback.

Other Wikias

Besides Wolve Role Play Wiki I think other people may enjoy them as well.

Warriors Fanon Wiki, it is more of a fan-fiction place but it has some role playing Clans of Warrior Cats. It was made by Aniju Aura.

Lion Role Play Wiki, of course it is for lion pride. Rather new and still getting established. It was made by Moonstar10.

Deer Role Play Wiki, is for role playing as differant kinds of deer. It was made by Patty123.

Monkey Role Play Wiki, is for role plays as a monkey. It is rather new and getting up and running. It was made by Head.Hog.Boy. Wild Horse Role Play Wiki, still in progress. Made by Meerkats123.

I'll add more wikias as I discover them. You can also make a blog for your role play wikias or leave a link and I'll see if I can add them up here.

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