In April, during the chaos of escapeing an avalanche, there was an accidental group split in the Bad Dogs that was supposed to rejoin the main group. However we have decided to just form a new wolf pack to give some of the roving males a place to go, allowing us to make room for some males in the other packs.

We need to know who will be in the splinter group hoping for roughly around 10 members. So for Saya and Jake are in the new pack. Preferably we are looking for the older females and young males males below a year of age, because the adult males are supposed to leave the pack to join the Hell Hounds. Plus any adult males would be kicked out by any new males who will join the splinter group, so it be better if there are now adult males in the splinter.

Pack Members

For sure wolves that split with Saya.

Saya (YBF016) (Played by Aniju Aura)

Leena (YBF018) (Played by Sir Rock)

Munchkin (YBF028) (Played by Meerkats123)

Jake (YBM031) (Played by Aniju Aura)

Konlok (YBM034) (Played by Sir Rock)

YBF035 (This wolf is available)

YBF036 (This wolf is available)

Possible Names





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