HA! First to make a blog. Here are my favorite wolves from each pack. Of course I like all my wolves I role play as but I like other peole's too. I'll update it as more wolves come about.


Hercules (YCM001)

Maia (YCF002)

Victoria (YVF003)

Epona (YCM004)

Sirona (YCF005)

Lugus (YCM006)

Bad Dogs

Grumpy Dog (YBF001) The first leader

Forest (YBM002) A noble male

Gumpy (YBM003) A loyal male

Pan (YBF004) A loyal female

Crazy Dog (YBF005) A crazy female

Bad Dog (YBM006) The first dominant male

Cassidy (YBM009) A noble brave male

Ryan (YBM008) A romanic young male

Leena (YBF018) trying to find her place

Dave (YBM013) Bountyhunter (my character Dave, I don't role play this one D:)


Rapunzel (YDF001) A strong leader

Chinderella (YDF002) A caring sweet female

Prince (YDM003) A handsome strong male

Marico (YDM004) the noble one Oriole (YDF005) a determine young leader

Loki (YDM008) A loyal timid male

Thor (YDM009) A brave loyal male

Brigid (YDF010) A sweet female

Hell Hounds

Molly (YHF001) The first caring leader

Polly (YHF002) An agressive brave female

Holly (YHF003) A loving mother

Dolly (YHF004) A determine picky female

Butch (YHM005) A handsome male

Dante (YHM009) has ADD

Anubis (YHM010) A cool strong male

Nikita (YHF012) A smart female


Roo (YRF001) A strong leader

Rugrat (YRF003) A caring mother

Puppy (YRF004) a sweet female

Prowler (YRM005) Learning how to be a great leader

Violet (YRF012) Kind female

Vincent (YRM015) Romanic male

Vervain (YRM013) Brave young male

River Song (YRF009) Strong female Tabby (YRF016) My caring babysitter who doesn't like fighting

Jade (VYF024) Sweet young female


Hector (YTM001)

Troy (YTM002)

Helen (YTF003)

Paris (YTF004)

Achaean (YTM005)

Aphrodite (YTF006)

Athena (YTF007)

Achilles (YTM008)

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