Shoy Shady Theo

Theo (front), Shoy and Shady (back)

Theo (VWM002) was born in 1995 outside of Yellowstone National Park. His mother was a unnamed gray she-wolf while her father was a red male. He was born with two littermate brothers; Shady and Shoy, and one sister Yuvi. They were part of a small family unit that composed of his parents, a yellow yearling female, and a black yearling male. All four pups survived to adulthood and began helping out around the pack. Sometime, Theo, his two brothers, and Yuvi, were believed LAST SEEN as well as their former pack.

Pack 1Edit

The three males were probably roving but they soon appeared with Yuvi, her adopted pup Maudie, and some wild wolves. Neither Theo or his brothers took dominance and Yuvi didn't take female dominance. The pack stayed together for a year and a half before Theo and his brothers, as well as Yuvi and Maudie dispersed and the rest of this pack was wiped out.

Pack 2Edit

Sometime after the pack died off, the three roving males encountered a gray wild female. That spring Yuvi and Maudie once more joined them but Yuvi didn't try taking dominance. Theo was the largest of his brothers but oddly he didn't take dominance. Neither did Shady or Shoy. The female was a old wolf however, and was able to have two surviving litters before she died from complications having her third litter (all the pups were stillborn).

Once more Yuvi didn't take dominance and instead it was Maudie who took dominance at two years. Theo took male dominance over his brothers. Maudie started acting aggressive and Yuvi left the group. Oddly, Theo left the group with his brothers.

Roving CoalitionEdit

The three males have made no intention to form another pack and mainly just roam from territory to territory. Maudie did rejoin them briefly but vanished.

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