Stayne Hell Hounds
Stayne is role played by SnapeFan1.

Hell HoundsEdit

Stayne(YHM016) was born on June 21, 1996 to the Hell Hounds Pack. His mother was Polly the new alpha female and his father was alpha male Humphry. He was born with one brother Corman(YHM017) and two sisters Blossom(YHF015) and YHF018. The four pups were well looked after in the Hell Hounds, being the alpah female's pups. His mother had over thrown her sister Molly, the former alpha female, a few months before Stayne was born. Sadly Styane lost his mother when she was killed during a group encounter with the Bad Dogs. Stayne's aunt Holly became the new alpha female till she was hit by a car. Dolly took over as the alpha female next. Stayne has a very snappy attitude and a dark, quiet personality. Stayne mated with Snowy from the Druids Pack, and he has also attempted to made with Bella. Eventually Bella and Stayne mated. Stayne is still in the Hell Hounds today.


Hell Hounds Pack

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