Spike is role played by Sir Rock.
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Spike(YHM020) was born in the Hell Hounds Pack on August 18, 1996. His mother was Molly and his father was Butch. He was born with two litter-mates sistser Spud(YHM019) and Sophia(YHF021). His mother was no longer the alpha female because she had been overthrown by Polly. Spike's uncle Humphry was the alpha male. Not long after Molly died on October 29, 1996 after a moutain lion got into the den. Molly managed to save her pups but she died not long after from her injuries. Spike and his two sisters were looked after by their aunt Holly. In November Spike's father Butch and uncle Jame left the group to form the Celtics. During an encounter with the Bad Dogs, Polly was killed on December 19, 1996. Holly became the new alpha female. Holly was hit by a car and had to be euthanized on April 29, 1997 and the new alpha female became Dolly. Spike reached his first birthday and during the same month three of the eldest males left to form the Quapaw Pack. Spike is still in the Hell Hounds today.


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