Sophia is role played by Aniju Aura.
Sophia Hell Hounds


Hell HoundsEdit

Sophia(YHF021) was born on August 18, 1996 in the Hell Hounds Pack. Her mother was Molly and her father was Butch. She had two litter-mates were her brothers Spud(YHM019) and Spike(YHM020). They were Molly's last litter ever. Molly had been the dominant female of the Hell Hounds before she was overthrown by her sister Polly. In October Molly sadly died leaving Sophia and her two silbings motherless but their aunt Holly took care of the pups. Polly died leaving Holly as the new dominant female but she soo died as well. Dolly became the new alpha female of the Hel Hounds. Sophia and her two siblings survived to their first year. Sophia played a low key till she reach a year old and three of the eldest males left to form the Quapaw Pack. With the oldest females gone Sophia stepped up her game and started taking a more active role in the pack now that she was needed. She was one of the oldest females left in the group. Sophia is still in the Hell Hounds today.


Hell Hounds Pack

Molly Hell Hounds

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