Snowy is role played by Meerkats123


Snowy Druids


was born on June 28,1995,in the Druids Pack.Her mother was Rapunzel and her father was Prince. Snwoy was born in a litter of four with two brothers named Thor(YDM009) and Loki(YDM006) and one sister named Brigid(YDF010). Snowy and her litter-mates survived to adulthood. Sadly Snowy's mother Rapunzel died and her father Prince left the pack. Her half sister Oriole became the new alpha female. Soon Snowy mated with a roving male named Stayne. She gave birth to pups a month later but they were killed by a rival pack. Snowy had a second chance at motherhood when she mated with a rover named Spike. She gave birth on December 21, 1997 to three pups named Lupa, YDM029 and YDF030. All three pups survived. Snowy currently lives in the Druids today.





Brothers:Loki and Thor


Druids Pack

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