Saya is role played by User:Aniju Aura.

Saya Bad Dogs

Saya Bad Dogs

Bad Dogs Pack and splinter
Date of Birth
August 18, 1995
Crazy Dog and Grumpy
Talon and Tupin
Known For

Bad DogsEdit

Saya(YBF016) was born in the Bad Dogs on August 18, 1995. Her mother was Crazy Dog and her father was Gumpy. She was born with two litter-mate brothers named Talon(YBM014) and Turpin(YBM015). They were Crazy Dog's first litter ever. Her mother was not the alpah female but her aunt Grumpy Dog and Bad Dog was the alpha male. Her aunt Pan had given birth to four pups on August 15, 1995, three days before Saya was born. Saya, her two brothers and her four cousins survived their first few months in the Bad Dogs. In April 1996 Crazy Dog gave birth to five pups. Saya helped out with her new younger siblings. She also started taking an interest in the hunt. Her mother and aunt Pan were driven out by Grumpy Dog in November 1996 and formed the Celtic Pack. With her mother and aunt gone, Saya became one of the oldest females in the group. After Grumpy Dog died, Saya competed for the alpah female position but she was easily defeated by her older cousins. Finally Heya ousted all the other females and took over as the new leader of the pack. Bad Dogs soon died and one of his eldest son Cassidy became the new alpha male. Saya was around a year and a half at the time. Saya spend the next year helping out on hunts and caring for the other females' litters. In April 1998, there was an avalanche near the pack's ben. During the chaos, the Bad splintered with Saya leading several Bad Dog wolves away to safety. However they found themselves seperated from the rest of the pack. Saya is still in the Bad Dogs today.


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