River Song is role played by Silver 

River Song Rascals

River Song

Alpha Female of the Quapaw
Date of Birth
May 12, 1995
Bella, Whippet and YRM007
Known For
First Alpha Female of the Quapaw
Role Played By


River Song (YRF009) was born on May 12, 1995 in the Rascals Pack. Her mother was Roo and her father was Rampage the alpha pair of the group. She had one litter-mate brother YRM009 and two sisters named Whippet (YRF006) and Bella (YRF008). They were the first litter ever born in the Rascals. Her aunts also gave birth to litters. The pups survived to their first year and started hunting and caring for the pups. Soon River Song became one of the oldest females in the group after her two aunts left. After Roo died, Bella established herself as the alpha female over the other females. River Song was the only wolf to challange Bella. However she lost the fight. Later on she showed signs of aggression and was kicked out of the Rascals. She rejoined the pack but she continued to be a thorn in Bella's side. River Song had spotted two hunters but Bella mistook this as a challange and evicted her again. Her cousin Violet joined her and later so did Whippet and a pup named Sombra. There were three rovers from the Hell Hounds nearby. After the alpha male Prowler killed one of the hunters, the Hell Hound males retreated and the four Rascals females followed them.


In August River Song, Whippet, Violet and Sombra followed three Hell Hound males away from the Rascals and formed the the Quapaw Pack. Without her sister Bella around River Song took the position of alpha female in the new pack. Whippet and Violet did not challange her. During 1997, a female named Josephina joined the mob. On January 12, 1998, River Song gave birth to her frist litter, YQP009 and Alari(YQF010). River Song is still alive today as the brave alpha female of the Quapaw Pack.


Mother: Roo

Father: Rampage

Brother: YRM007

Sisters: Bella and Whippet

Mate: Anubis

Pups: Alari and YQP009.


Rascals Pack

Quapaw Pack

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