Puppy is not avaliable for Role Playing.

Puppy Rascals

Puppy Rascals

Alpha Female
Date of Birth
March 7, 1994
Alpha female and alpah male
Rugrat and one brother
Prowler and Forent
YRF014, Vervain, Violet, Vicent, YRM020, YRM021, YRF022, YRF023 Achaean, Aphrodite, Athena, Achilles, YTP012, YTP013, TYP014 and YTP015
Known For
Founder of the Rascals and Trojans
Role Played By
None Playable Character


Puppy(YRF004) was born on March 7, 1994 along with one sister named Rugrat and one brother on a Nature Preserve. Her mother and father were the alpha pair of the group. When Puppy was a year old she was taken along with her litter-mate sister Rugrat and their older sister Roo to Yellowstone National Park. The three females were introduced to two unrelated males named Rampage and Prowler. The five wolves were realesed near Lamar Valley were they established a new breeding group known as the Rascals Pack. Roo and Rampage became the alpha pair leaving Puppy and her sister Rugrat as subordinates. She mated with subordinate male Prowler soon after. She soon gave birth to her first litter ever on May 22, 1995 to Violet, Vervain, YRF014 and Vincent. Sadly not all her pups survived. The next month, Puppy lost her duaghter YRF014 who was killed by the Bad Dogs during a group encounter. Her other three remaing pups survived to their first year however. Her second litter came on May 1996 when Puppy gave birth to YRM020, YRM021, YRF022 and YRF023. She would seen these pups survived to adulthood. In November she was driven out by alpha female Roo along with her sister Rugrat. The two females teamed up with two rovers from the Bad Dogs and left the Rascals for good.


The new pack was called the Trojans. One of the Bad Dogs males named Forest took over as the alpha male, being the biggest and oldest. However the position of alpha female was not so clear. Both Puppy and Rugrat were the same age and around the same size. However Rugrat was aggresive towards her sister and Puppy submitted to her. Rugrat became the alpha female. On March 16, 1997 Rugrat gave birth to Hector, Troy, Helen and Paris. In the following month the Trojans encounter the Celtics and Rugrat was killing defending her pups. Puppy then became the alpha female with her sister gone. Forest accepted her as her mate and soon Puppy became pregnant. She gave birth on May 28, 1997 to Achaean, Aphrodite, Athena and Achilles. They were her first litter ever as the alpha female of the Trojans. Puppy is still the alpha female of the Trojans today.


First Litter born on May 22, 1995 fathered by Prowler

Violet (YRF012) Still Alive, living in the Rascals

Vervain (YRM013) Still Alive, living in the Rascals

YRF014, Deceased, killed on June 19, 1995 by the Bad Dogs

Vincent (YRM015) Still Alive, living in the Rascals

Second litter born on May 1996 fathered by Prowler

YRM020 Still Alive, living in the Rascals

YRM021 Still Alive, living in the Rascals

YRF022 Still Alive, living in the Rascals

YRF023 Still Alive, living in the Rascals

Third litter born on May 28, 1997 fathered by Forest

Achaean (YTM005)

Aphrodite (YTF006)

Athena (YTF007)

Achilles (YTM008)


Rascals Pack

Trojan Pack

Prowler Rascals