Polly is a none role playing wolf.

Polly Hell Hounds

Polly Hell Hounds

Formerly the Alpha female of the Hell Houns
Date of Birth
May 15, 1994
Flower and Zaphod
Columbus, Molly and Holly
YHF015, Stayne Hell Hounds, YHM017 and YHF018
Known For
Second Alpha Female of the Hell Hounds
Role Played By
None Role Playing

Hell HoundsEdit

Polly(YHF003) was born in a nature perserve on May 15, 1994. Her mother was the alpha female and her father was the alpha male. She had two sisters named Molly(YHF001) and Holly(YHF002) and one brother named Columbus. Molly was born in a good size pack, numbering around twenty members strong. In April 24, her mother gave birth to a new litter of pups, two males and one female named Dolly. After her mother was killed in June 1995, a new alpha female arose and started picking on Polly and her two sisters. In August Polly and her two sisters were driven out by the new alpha female, Dolly tagged along. The four were then tranfered to Yellowstone National Pack to start a new pack. Polly and her two sisters Holly and Molly and young juvenile Dolly were releases on August 18, 1995. Their new pack was followed and by next month the four femaleds were soon joined by three wild males. With the new males, the pack was called the Hell Hounds and they establisted a territory along the geysers basin. Molly became the alpha female and Humphry became the alpha male. Polly was pregnant along with her two sister Molly and Holly but she had a miscarrge. Both Molly and Holly gave birth to pups in March 1996. By th enext month Polly became aggresive towards the mothers moslty Molly. Polly was attacked by her sister Molly who was weak from having pups. Polly forced her sister into submission and overthrown by her sister. Polly became the new alpha female and Humphry became her mate. Molly died a little later on October 29, 1996 after a mountain lion attack. Polly finally gave birth to YHF015, Stayne, YHM017 and YHF018 on June 21, 1996. All four pups survived to their first year however Polly did not see her pups grew up. The Hell Hounds encounter thier rivals the Bad Dogs in December. Polly was killed during the encounter on December 19, 1996. Her sister Holly became the new alpha female beside Humphry.


Mother: Flower

Father: Zaphod

Brother: Columbus

Sisters: Molly and Holly

Mate: Humphry

Daughters: YHF015 and YHF018

Sons: Stayne and YHM017


Hell Hounds Pack

Humphry Hell Hounds

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