Oriole is role played by Aniju Aura.
Oriole Druids



Oriole(YDF005) was born in the Druids Pack on April 22, 1995. Her mother was Cinderella and her father was Prince. She was born with two litter-mate brothers named Marico(YDM004) and Sabota(YDM006). Her mother was not the alpha female but her aunt Rapunzel. Oriole and her two brothers were actually the first litter ever born in the Druids. Oriole and her brothers survived to adulthood. Cinderella sadly died on July 11, 1996 from disease followed by Prince on August 28, 1996. Rapunzal soon died of disease leaving the alpah female position open. Oriole, being the oldest female in the group took dominance. Oriole mated with a rover named Ryan from the Bad Dogs. On September 9, 1997 she gave birth to Jen, YDP023, Luna and YDP025. In October the pack come under attack by the Trojans, Oriole, Twisy, Snowy and Hazel moved the pups to a new den while the roving males returned to help fight off the rival pack. Not long after this, a Quapaw pup named Whitefang was brought back by Marico, Loki and Thor. Oriole adopted the pup into the group. Oriole is still in the Druids today as the alpha female.


Mother: Cinderella

Father: Prince

Brothers: Marico and Sobato

Mate: Ryan

Children: Jen, YDP023, Luna and YDF025


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