Orca (YRF023) was born in 1996 in the Rascals. Her mother was Roo the alpha female and her father was Rampage, the alpa male. She was born with two brothers; Josh (VRM020) and Dusty (YRM021) and one sister Carni (VRF022). All four pups survived to adulthood. Though she was the youngest of the litter, Orca was unusually large for her age and as she grew it became more apparent. In March 1997 her mother was killed by hunters and her father was killed by the Celtrics, her older sister Bella took the position of alpha female. Orca is now one of the biggest ones known but she hasn't made any move to take dominance, instead she firmly claims a high Beta position.

Fur ColorEdit

Orca is a huge female wolf, easily standing as tall as the largest of male wolves. Her fur is deep, glistening black with her underside being white, two markings on her side makes her resemble a killer whale. Her eyes are a sharp, piercing amber.


Orca is a moody wolf, easy short-tempered and always grouchy. She guards her food fiercely and will take no nonsense from anyone, not even from her older sister. She prefers to go off on her own where she won't have to share. But she's a powerful wolf and is good with short distant sprints and tackling prey with her strength.

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