Nikita is role played by Sir Rock.

Nikita Hell Hounds

Nikita Hell Hounds

Alpha Female of the Hell Hounds
Date of Birth
March 25, 1996
Known For
Fifth alpha female of the Hell Hounds
Role Played By

Hell HoundsEdit

Nikita(YHF012) was born on March 25, 1996 in the Hell Hounds Pack. Her mother was Molly the alpha female at the time and her father was Humphry. Her litter-mates were her one sister Lola(YHF013) and two brothers Mora(YHM011) and Edward(YHM014). All the pups survived. Molly was overthrown by Polly but not long after both died and Holly became the new alpah female till her death. Nikita was one of the oldest females in the group but her Dolly was older and became the new alpah female. Nikita mated with a rover named Cassidy. Edward left to form the Quapaw Pack on August. On September 15, 1997 Nikita gave birth to Reeba, YHM029, Elliot and YHF031. Her sister Lola also gave birth in October to a litter of pups. A bear made it's way into the den where the pups were kept. Nikita, Lola and Sophia moved the pups while Dolly fought off the bear. Nikita and the other females were able to move all the pups to a safety, however sadly Dolly was killed on October 16, 1997 after fighting the bear. Nikita took it upon herself to take care of the pack and to care for Dolly's two pups as if they were her own. Nikita is still in the alpha female Hell Hounds today.


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