Molly is a none role playing wolf.

Molly Hell Hounds

Molly Hell Hounds

Formerly the alpha female of the Hell Hounds
Date of Birth
May 15, 1994
Flower and Zaphod
Columbus, Holly and Polly
Known For
First Alphd Female of the Hell Hounds
Role Played By
None Role Playing

Hell HoundsEdit

Molly(YHF001) was born in a nature perserve on May 15, 1994. Her mother was the alpha female Flower and her father was the alpha male Zaphod. She had two sisters named Holly(YHF002) and Polly(YHF003) and one brother named Columbus. Molly was born in a good size pack, numbering around twenty members strong. In April 24, her mother gave birth to a new litter of pups, two males and one female named Dolly. After her mother was killed in June 1995, a new alpha female arose and started picking on Molly and her two sisters. In August Molly and her two sisters were driven out by the new alpha female, Dolly tagged along. The four were then tranfered to Yellowstone National Pack to start a new pack. Molly and her two sisters Holly and Polly and young juvenile Dolly were releases on August 18, 1995. Their new pack was followed and by next month the four femaleds were soon joined by three wild males. With the new males, the pack was called the Hell Hounds and they establisted a territory along the geysers basin. Molly had been seen leading the three other females and so she easilly became the alpha female. Humphry became the alpha male and her mate. Holly gave birth to the first litter of pups on March 23, 1996, Molly gave birth two days later to her first litter. On March 25, 1996 Molly gave birth to Mora, Nikita, Lola and Edward. All the pups survived, however Molly was attacked by her sister Polly who had started ot become very aggresive after she lost her litter. By next month Molly and Poly got in a fight and this time, weak from having pups, Molly was overthrown by her sister Polly. Molly lost her dominance and became a subordinate female under her sister Polly. However in August 1996 Molly gave birth to Spud, Spike and Sophia. Her pups survived however they went under attack by a mountain lion in October. Molly was at the den caring for the pups and she confronted the mountain lion and managed to fight it off long enough for th epack to return. The pack drove off the big cat but Molly was badly injured and died on October 29, 1996. Her pups from her second litter survived the attack.


Mother: Flower

Father: Zaphod

Brother: Columbus

Sisters: Polly and Holly

Mates: Humphry and Butch

First litter born on March 25, 1996 fathered by Humphry

Mora (YHF011)

Nikita (YHF012)

Lola (YHF013)

Edward (YHM014)

Second litter born on August 18, 1996, fathered by Butch

Spud (YHM019)

Spike (YHM020)

Sophia (YHF021)


Hell Hounds Pack

Humphry Hell Hounds