Marico is role played by Aniju Aura.

Marico Druids

Marico Druids

Subordinate Adult
Date of Birth
April 22, 1995
Known For
Born in Druids first litter
Role Played By


Marico(YDM004) was born on April 22, 1995 in the Druids Pack. His mother was Cinderella and his father was Prince. His litter-mates were his one sister Oriole(YDF005) and and his one brother Sabota(YDM006). His mother was not the alpha female but his aunt Rapunzel. Prince joined the group and became the alpha male. Marico and his two silbing survived to adulthood. Sadly his mother died of disease followed by Prince. A few mouths later Rapunzel died and Oriole became the new alpha female. Marcio remained in the Druids, however he went roving at the Rascals, but lost his nerve when he saw many how many wolves where coming on the Druid land. He returned again and this time he only attracted thre attention of a female named Violet. Marcio and Violet were able to mate but their romantic time was interupted by annoying Bella. Marico was forced to leave and returned to the Druids. In October 1997, he visited the Rascals again and atracted the atention of Bella, the pack's alpha female. Marico went roving again with Loki and Thor, on their way, Loki discovered a lost pups from the Quapaw. It was Whitefang, who actually was Marico's daughter. Marico, Thor and Loki headed back to the pack, Loki brought the pups back to the Druids and Oriole adopted her into the pack. Marico is still in the Druids today.


Mother: Cinderella

Father: Prince

Sister: Oriole

Brother: Sabota

Mate: Violet

Children: Kazmo, Jezabell, YQM003, Whitefang and Roise


Druids Pack

Violet Rascals

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