Jade is role played by Sir Rock.
Jade Rascals



Jade(YRF024) was born in the Rascals Pack on May 26, 1996. Her mother was Rugrat and her her father was a rover named Gumpy. Jade was born in a litter of three, litter-mates were her two brothers John(YRM025) and YRM026. They were the last litter born to Rugrat in the Rascals. She left the group to form the Trojans along with Puppy and Rose. After the alpha female Roo died, Bella became the new alpha female. Jade remained in the Rascals and stayed out of the competion between the other older adult females. Jade reach a year of age and started helping out around the pack. After several of the eldest females left the pack, Jade because one of the oldest females. Jade mated with a rover named Dave. On September 12, 1997 Jade gave birth to Dakota, YRP036 and YRP037. In May 1998, Jade dispersed from the group along with Tabby, Petal and Tabby's young son Aiden.


The three adult females a pup andered around till they came across the Quapaw Pack. The pack had a fimiliar face, the alpha female qas River Song who had once been in the Rascals. She accepted them into the group and Jade became a Quapaw members. Jade is still in the Quapaw today.


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