Hazel Druids


Adult female
Date of Birth
March 9, 1996
Cindrella and Gumpy
YDM026 and YDF027
Known For
A caring, brave Druids female and being one of Cinderella's daughters
Role Played By

Hazel is role played by Silver


Hazel(YDF016) was born in the Druids on March 9, 1996. Her mother was Cinderella, and her father was Gumpy. She had two brothers, Shadow(YDM015) and Zephyr(YDM018), and one sister, Annabel(YDF017). Hazel and her siblings survived to adulthood and were taken care of by the pack members. Her mother Cinderella was not the alpha female but her aunt Rupenzal was. A few months before Hazel was a year old, her mother Cinderella died of an unknown cause. Rapunzel and the alpha male died soon after. Hazel's aunt Oriole became the alpha female along with Marico. During September 1997, when hazel was a year old, A Hell Hounds PAck rove rnamed Corman came to the Druids and mated with Hazel. On October 2, 1997, Hazel gave birth to he rfirst litter, consisting of YDM026 and YDF027. During that time, HAzel's sister Annabel gave birth to a litter of pups. But during October 1997, the Trojans attcked the Druids. Hazel's sister Annbel wa skilled along with Annabel's pups. After the tragic loss, Hazel raised her pups, who are currently five months old. Hazel is still alive in the Druids Pack today as a young, caring female.




Brothers:Shadow and YDM018



Druids Pack

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