Dolly is role played by Aniju Aura.

Dolly Hell Hounds

Dolly Hell Hounds

Formerly of the Hell Hounds
Date of Birth
April 24, 1995
Flower and Zaphod
Buster and Mitch
Known For
Fourth Alpha Female of the Hell Hounds
Role Played By

Hell HoundsEdit

Dolly(YHF004) was born on April 24, 1995 on a nature perserve. Her mother and father were the alpha pair and she had two litter-mate brothers. Her mother was killed by a hunter so she was teamed up with three older sisters and released in Yellostone to form the Hell Hounds on August 18, 1995. Dolly was only four months old at the time. In September three wild males joined the females and established a new breeding group, Molly and Humphry became the alpha pair. However Polly overthrew Molly and later lost her status to Molly. After both females died Holly became the new alpha female. Dolly stayed out of family politics because she was the youngest of the females. She often was seen caring for the pups for her older sisters. Sadly Holly was hit by a car leaving the alpha female position open. By then Dolly was a full grown two year old female so she became the new leader. In June Dolly mated with a rover from the Rascals named Vincent. On July 1, 1997 Dolly gave birth to Apollo and Lucina, her first litter ever. In September another female named Nikita gave birth to a litter and Lola gave birth in October. A bear made it's way towards the den where the pups were kept. Dolly attacked the bear but was badly injured but the pack managed to save the pups and drive off the bear. Dolly died on October 16, 1997 from her injuries.


Hell Hounds Pack

Vincent Rascals

Lucina Hell Hounds

Apollo Hell Hounds

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