Dante is role played by Aniju Aura.

Dante Hell Hounds

Dante Hell Hounds

Adult Male
Date of Birth
March 23, 1996
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Hell HoundsEdit

Dante(YHM009) was born in the Hell Hounds Pack on March 23, 1996. His mother was Holly and his father was James. He was born with two litter-mates, his one sister Kavita(YHF008) and and one brother named Anubis(YHM010). Dante and his two siblings were the first litter ever born within the Hell Hounds. His mother and father were not the alpha pair of the Hell Hounds. His aunt Molly was the alpha female while Humphry was the alpha male. Molly gave birth to four pups two days after Dante was born. The pups were YHF011, Nikita, YHM013 and YHM014. All seven pups survived to their first year. However Molly was overthrew by her sister Polly who ruled the Hell Hounds for a few months. Molly was killed when a moutain lion invaded the ben on October 29, 1996 and Polly died on December 19, 1996 after the Hell Hounds encountered a rival pack the Bad Dogs. After the deaths of both Molly and Polly only did Dante's mother Holly became the new alpha female along with his uncle Humphry. Holly gave birth to YHF22, YHM023, YHF024 and YHM025 in March 1996, around Dante's first birth day. He helped with mother with her new pups. Sadly Holly's reign was short when she was hit by a car on the road and had to be euthanized on April 19, 1996. After the lost of his mother, Dante's older aunt Dolly took over as the new alpah female. His father James left the group along with his uncle Butch and formed the Celtic Pack. Dante remained in the Hell Hounds and soon became one of the eldest males within the group, beside his litter-mate brother Anubis, after his father and uncle had left. Dante stayed in the pack but he wandered off one day when he got distracted by the other animals in the forest. He appeared at each pack but was not interested in any of them and just watched. The Rascals chased him away when he wasn't doing anything. Dante later followed his brother Anubis and younger cousin Edward. They appeared at the Rascals. Two hunters appeared and scared off Dante and the Hell Hound males. Three females and a pup followed them.


Dante hug

Dante Hug

Dante unknownenin joined the Quapaw Pack. One of the females named River Song became the alpha female and Anubis became the alpha male. Dante is till in the Quapaw today.


Mother: Holly

Father: James

Sister: Kavita

Brother: Anubis


Hell Hounds Pack

Holly Hell Hounds