• Aniju Aura

    Saya's New Pack

    June 6, 2013 by Aniju Aura

    In April, during the chaos of escapeing an avalanche, there was an accidental group split in the Bad Dogs that was supposed to rejoin the main group. However we have decided to just form a new wolf pack to give some of the roving males a place to go, allowing us to make room for some males in the other packs.

    We need to know who will be in the splinter group hoping for roughly around 10 members. So for Saya and Jake are in the new pack. Preferably we are looking for the older females and young males males below a year of age, because the adult males are supposed to leave the pack to join the Hell Hounds. Plus any adult males would be kicked out by any new males who will join the splinter group, so it be better if there are now adult males i…

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  • Eievie

    Looking for some help!

    December 3, 2011 by Eievie

    Please ignore this page. It was made by mistake.

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  • Meerkats123

    Wolf Adoption

    November 27, 2011 by Meerkats123

    Wolves who are up for Adoption;

    Rory (YBM013) (Formally role played by Skystar. Put up for adoption due to leaving)

    Bridgid (YBF010) (Formally role played by Patty123. Put up for adoption dur to frequent inactivity)

    Julie (YBF012) (Formally role played by Patty123 Put up for Adoption due to frequent inactivity)

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  • Aniju Aura

    My Warriors Fanon

    November 9, 2011 by Aniju Aura

    I created a wiki called Warriors Fanon over a year ago and it has been doing well this this year when most of the first uses have left. Things have quiet down a lot. I was hoping some people from here may be interested in coming over to restart the role play. We have five role playing Clans, and you can also make your ownnone role playing Clans, warriors and write fan-fictions. I hope people can come.

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  • Wolfgirl12390

    owl fanfiction wiki

    October 23, 2011 by Wolfgirl12390

    there is a new wiki called owl fanfiction wiki and i was wonderig if anyone was interested. it's basically roleplaying with talking owls in a magical owl world. you can also do one person fanfictions

    -wolves howl at night aroo aroo 19:57, October 23, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Wolfgirl12390


    October 23, 2011 by Wolfgirl12390

    hi im wolfgirl12390 but you can call me wolfgirl. i was invited to chck out this wiki and i was wondering if someone could help me start a wolf of my own. i just wanted to ask.

    -wolves howl at night aroo aroo 00:27, October 23, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Moonstar10

    Favorite Couples

    September 10, 2011 by Moonstar10

    What are your favorite couples?

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  • Moonstar10

    Favorite Packs

    September 5, 2011 by Moonstar10

    What are your favorite packs?If you have any please share!

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  • Moonstar10


    August 20, 2011 by Moonstar10

    Hi I want to create a role play wiki,but I don't know what it should be about.I want my wiki to be something to deal with animals.If you have any ideas,please share...:)

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  • Sir Rock

    Other Role Play Wikias

    August 15, 2011 by Sir Rock

    Here are the role play wikias I have made and work at some of the users here my enjoy as well.

    First up is Meerkat Role Play Wiki.

    Role playing for meerkats based off of the popular TV show Meerkat Manor. Meerkats live is family groups called mobs led by a dominant female and male. They live in the Kalahari Desert and hold up to three miles of land as their territory.

    A bit of a long name African Wild Dog Role Play Wiki.

    Wild Dogs also live in groups and are also called Painted Dogs. The dominant female will nurse all the pups of the pack even if they don’t belong to her, however only the dominant pair may breed. African Wild Dogs are some of the most endangered species of canine in the world but they are making a comeback.

    Besides Wolve Role P…

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  • Moonstar10

    Do you think the Druids should split?Well I don't.The Druids hardly have any users there.

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  • Meerkats123

    Group Split

    July 13, 2011 by Meerkats123

    Many of you know about the pending group split in the Rascals This group split will be perminant If you wish for your wolf to rejoin the Rascals he/she may at any point A few questions still need to be answered I would like most of the males and a few young females to stay in the main group as as well as the pups

    1. Who will be in the Splinter group?

    2.What is the name of the new pack going to be?

    3. Where will the new pack's terratory be located?

    Please leave any answers or suggestions.

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  • Prettypop10

    Wolves Fanon Wiki

    June 29, 2011 by Prettypop10

    Since there's already a wolf roleplay wiki and a wolves wiki,I made a new wiki called Wolves Roleplay Wiki!Here's a link, [Wolves Fanon Wiki]

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  • Prettypop10

    My new wiki

    June 15, 2011 by Prettypop10

    My new wiki is called Dogs Roleplay Wiki.Here's the link [Dogs Roleplay Wiki]

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  • Patty123

    I have recently decided to create a new wiki site. This one though, is a roleplay. This is mainly because most people prefer roleplays (including me). Anyway, the point... I would really appreciate it if anyone could eighther come and help me out, or join in the roleplaying fun. If you are interested, here is the link:

    I hope you can come check it out! And thank you to everyone for all of your support.

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  • Meerkats123


    June 7, 2011 by Meerkats123

    I am thinking about giving another user adminastrator powers. I cam't always be here to keep things under control. I am giving the power to decide to the users Each one can nominate a maximum of two users. You must give a reason why you nominated your choice of user(s) To keep things fair You can not nominate yourself. Nominations are to be posted as comments on this blog only. My decision will be me within the next 10 days.

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  • Aniju Aura

    Favorite Wolves

    May 27, 2011 by Aniju Aura

    HA! First to make a blog. Here are my favorite wolves from each pack. Of course I like all my wolves I role play as but I like other peole's too. I'll update it as more wolves come about.

    Hercules (YCM001)

    Maia (YCF002)

    Victoria (YVF003)

    Epona (YCM004)

    Sirona (YCF005)

    Lugus (YCM006)

    Grumpy Dog (YBF001) The first leader

    Forest (YBM002) A noble male

    Gumpy (YBM003) A loyal male

    Pan (YBF004) A loyal female

    Crazy Dog (YBF005) A crazy female

    Bad Dog (YBM006) The first dominant male

    Cassidy (YBM009) A noble brave male

    Ryan (YBM008) A romanic young male

    Leena (YBF018) trying to find her place

    Dave (YBM013) Bountyhunter (my character Dave, I don't role play this one D:)

    Rapunzel (YDF001) A strong leader

    Chinderella (YDF002) A caring sweet female

    Prince (YDM003) A han…

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