Bhreac adult

Bhreac (VQF007) was born on September 25, 1997 in the Quapaw Pack. Her mother was the subornate female Whippet and her father was Edward from the Hell Hounds. She was born with two littermates VQP006 and her sister Golden (VQF008).


In February 1998, Bhreac and her sister Golden went missing and were presumed to be LAST SEEN, but there was a surprise about to happen.


A long she-wolf of Bhreac's description was spotted roaming around just beyond the Quapaw territory. Surprisinginly the look-a-like was actually the real thing. It's unknown how she survived but she was able to thrive and now roams around making no intention of rejoining her pack though she has been observed on Quapaw land.

Fur ColorEdit

Bhreac has a caramel-brown coat. Her eyes are a pale golden color but she has a silver of green beneath each iris that stays with her for the rest of her life.


Mother: Whippet

Father: Edward

Sister: Golden

Sibling: VQP006


Quapaw Pack